Fam Trips & Barters

In order to really understand and sell a destination, we believe that you have to experience it for yourself first. With this in mind, our Familiarisation Trips are a unique opportunity for tour operators to visit Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands. Our carefully selected itineraries include a variety of activities, experiences, landscapes and accommodation styles and we always make sure it accurately represents the type of product you are looking to develop in our amazing country.

Training & Webinars

We offer regular training sessions to make sure that all our clients are offering the best and most up to date information to their customers. We have also built presentations showcasing all the information you will need about what we can offer in Ecuador and the Galapagos – including overviews on each region, our fleet on the islands,  itinerary ideas, activities, accommodation options and more. This can be done through webinars or face to face when we visit our clients during trade shows.

Sales Tools

We specifically designed and built our own systems to be as user-friendly and efficient as possible, so it’s easy for tour operators to make bookings and sell our product by using their own login. Our live availability system means that tour operators can easily hold spaces for their customers on any of our yachts on the Galapagos Islands, meaning great flexibility and ease.

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