We were the first tour operator to resume sailing the Galapagos Islands after the 2020 lockdown, replicating sanitary best practices from science-advised destinations elsewhere.   

Since then, we have spearheaded the national efforts to revitalize the Ecuadorian travel industry through a permanent assessment of risk and technological advancements, adapting our own operations accordingly. 

Our Payment and Cancellation Policies have also been updated to provide more flexibility and peace of mind to our mutual passengers. Learn more here.

Ecuador & Galapagos entrance requirements:


All arriving travellers to mainland Ecuador and the Galapagos islands must show proof of full vaccination, completed at least 14 days prior to arrival date.


Passengers that have not received the Covid-19 vaccine must provide a negative PCR test result administered a maximum of 72 hours prior to arrival date.


Children younger than 3 are exempt from any of these requirements.

Safety Key Points:



  • Our field staff is regularly tested for COVID-19 and their overall health condition is closely monitored.
  • They have been trained to correctly instruct passengers on how to apply and enforce sanitary practices.
  • If any passenger feels insecure or bad at any time, our staff is ready to offer first aid and/or activate emergency protocols if needed.
  • All field staff members use disposable face masks and gloves.
  • Our guides also have proper training as first responders and a solid knowledge of the areas with their key locations (such as healthcare centres).
  • There is 24/7 support from our administrative team for all members of our field staff.
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Tours, activities and visit sites

  • All greetings, briefings, and conferences take place with adequate physical distancing. 
  • Visits to public places are coordinated aiming to avoid crowds and lines. 
  • The use of a face mask is mandatory in indoor settings.
  • Passengers receive a digital version of all the usual physical literature and documentation (welcome letter, itinerary and flight information, vouchers of programs). 
  • Our field staff monitors and keeps a daily log of the health condition of each passenger.
  • In the case of activities that require personal accessories or gear (bicycles, kayaks, snorkelling masks, wetsuits, etc.), everything is thoroughly disinfected between uses.
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  • We only work with accommodation providers whose compliance with biosecurity protocols has been carefully tested. 
  • All common areas have been reconditioned to minimize physical contact with other groups and the staff.
  • Keys are permanently disinfected. 
  • Hotel staff use personal protective equipment at all times.
  • There are protocols set in place for the disinfection of footwear before and after entering the establishment.
  • All restaurant areas are thoroughly disinfected before and after each meal service.
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  • Restaurants attended by our passengers have been chosen not only for their excellence but also for their certification of sanitary standards. 
  • As per regulations, the maximum capacity of all restaurants has been reduced, improving physical distancing between the passengers, other groups, and the staff.
  • Á la carte service is preferred over buffet-style meals. In case this is not feasible, the kitchen staff, using adequate protective equipment, will take care of serving the passengers’ meal.
Atc Safe transportation


  • All our drivers and transport providers take regular COVID-19 tests and follow protocols for the disinfection of footwear, luggage and surfaces, using safe, hospital-grade products. 
  • The maximum capacity of all vehicles has been reduced and the assigned seats marked, ensuring physical distancing.
  • Hand sanitiser is available at all times.
  • All vehicles have a trash can with a step-on opening lid, which it’s emptied daily.
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