Shark conservation dive expedition Galapagos 2021

The Galapagos conservation efforts depend greatly on the flow of travellers and have been severely impacted by the decrease due to the pandemic. At ATC, we feel committed to helping in the best way we can, and we would love that your travellers become a part of it and enjoy our special conservation departure to become a shark ambassador!

Your clients can join our conservation dive cruise with several shark conservationists; marine wildlife videographer Roberto Ochoa, 2x Emmy winning cinematographer Andy Casagrande and Colombia´s major influencer Pirry La Rotta, and become a key player in our conservation effort! This non-profit dive trip is scheduled from Baltra, Galapagos on June 29 to July 6, 2021. We are aiming to obtain up to USD 10,000 to donate to the Charles Darwin Foundation to support their Galapagos conservation plans for the long-term protection of this singular place on Earth.

As an estimate, over 100 million sharks are fished every year worldwide, and this overfishing is the leading factor in the decline of almost all shark populations globally. The Galapagos Islands, especially Darwin and Wolf islands, provide shelter for one of the largest shark biomasses on the planet, and plays a key-role for conservation and keeping a healthy population.

At the Charles Darwin Foundation various projects are carried out focused on increasing our understanding of sharks and their relationship with their environment with the aim of providing a strong scientific basis for the development of effective management plans that will ensure their long-term protection.