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At Andean Travel Company we are committed to implementing and following the best practices and protocols that ensure the ideal biosecurity measures for the passengers and field staff. We are also actively participating in a national task force with the goal of implementing new standards of safety. This network involves many local and provincial governments, airports, hotels, and service providers.

Together with our providers, we have used the lockdown period for strategical planning and we can proudly assure that we are ready to receive tourists again in the safest possible way and still keep the excitement of getting to know new places and the smoothness of operation we are known to cater to the clients.

  • All our drivers have received adequate training in managing passengers and taking the best prevention measures, and have passed COVID-19 tests with a negative result. These tests will be done regurlarly.
  • Our drivers have protocols for the disinfection of footwear and luggage before entering the vehicles.
  • The AC and all surfaces of our vehicles are cleaned daily, before and after each service, using aerosols or hospital-grade disinfectants. Special care is taken with surfaces that are touched often, like door handles and doors.
  • Having the comfort and safety of the passengers in mind, the maximum capacity of all vehicles has been reduced and the assigned seats marked, ensuring physical distancing.
  • There will be hand sanitizer and disposable masks available to the passengers at all times.
  • All vehicles will have a trash can with a step-on opening lid, which will be emptied daily.
  • The passengers will receive a digital version of all the usual physical literature and documentation (welcome letter, itinerary and flight information, and vouchers of programs in the Galapagos or the jungle). Of course, the guide will also have a copy of this and will go over any details or doubts the passengers might have.
  • All greetings, briefings, and interpretations will take place with adequate physical distancing. Additionally, we will coordinate all visits to public places aiming to avoids crowds and lines. This will surely improve the comfort and peace of mind of the passengers.
  • There will be hand sanitizer and disposable face masks available for the passengers at all times.
  • Our field staff will monitor and keep a daily log about the health conditions of each passenger, and our company will receive a daily report of eventualities, even if there were none and everything is going perfectly.
  • In the case of activities that require accessories and gear (bicycles, kayaks, snorkeling masks, wetsuits, etc.), everything will be disinfected before and after each use.
  • Our field staff has been adequately trained in the best prevention practices and have passed COVID-19 tests with a negative result, and their health status will also be monitored regularly. They will also instruct passengers on how to apply these practices and will verify that they are being followed by each person under their responsibility.
  • All field staff members will use face masks and gloves and disinfect hands regularly, following local regulations and WHO guidelines.
  • Our guides have the necessary knowledge and tools to tackle any situation: they all have training as first responders and have a solid knowledge of the local areas and key locations (such as healthcare centers),.
  • There is 24/7 support from our office for all members of our field staff. This will result in a quick solution to any concern or requirement a passenger might have.
  • The places of accommodation have all been handpicked after making sure they comply with high standards of biosecurity protocols. They also host groups of reduced size, and all common areas have been reconditioned to minimize physical contact with other groups and the staff.
  • There will be hand sanitizer available at all times at the front desk, and all keys will be previously disinfected.
  • All hotel staff will use personal protective equipment at all times.
  • There are protocols set in place for the disinfection of footwear before and after entering each establishment, as well as in common areas within each establishment.
  • All restaurant areas will be thoroughly disinfected before and after each meal service.
  • We will continuously monitor that our providers and partners follow adequate biosecurity protocols established by the WHO and local guidelines.
  • All restaurants have been chosen not only for their excellent cooking, but also after we have made sure they follow the highest safety, cleaning, and food preparation standards.
  • As per regulations, the maximum capacity of all restaurants has been reduced, improving physical distancing between the passengers, other groups, and the staff.
  • We will constantly check on the food establishments offered, making sure they follow satisfactory biosecurity measures at all times.
  • We will avoid buffet-style meals and aim for à la carte. In case it is not feasible, the kitchen staff, using adequate protective equipment, will take care of serving the passengers’ meal and of any requirements they might have.
  • The airlines will encourage online check-in and the use of digital boarding passes, thus minimizing the number of passengers in the counters.
  • The boardingand disembarking process will take place with adequate physical distancing, and the use of a face mask will be mandatory.
  • All airplanes have incorporated HEPA filters in their air circulation systems.
  • There will be hand sanitizer available on board.
  • Regrettably, the sale of snacks and food has been temporarily suspended on local flights.
  • All surfaces will be cleaned thoroughly before any passengers board the airplane, and the cabin will be disinfected with a spray after the boarding process and before the flight.
  • Please, check our general FAQ page for details about the airport policies. We are also available for you for any question you might have!
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