Safe and Memorable Travel Experiences

There is no denying that the world is different and that any traveler will have to be cautious regarding physical distancing and cleaning measures. We are here to offer full support and make sure this will not cause any impact on the experience; and we believe it will even be a more memorable one in our destination free of crowds! We have reshaped our operations and made sure that the best biosecurity protocols combine as seamlessly as possible with all local experiences. Additionally, we are spearheading a national movement that involves tour operators, guides, transportation, restaurants, local communities, and other service providers, with the goal of constantly updating and aligning policies and procedures to ensure that every person is following the latest health and safety recommendations.

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We are pleased to introduce the safety aspects we have covered and the actions we will take through every moment of the journey


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Full support of expert local staff

Nothing brings more confidence than knowing there is an experienced local team available for you and your clients at all times. Our office and field staff always act with full dedication and care, and we will function as an extension of your team.

Atc Safe transportation

Get around safely

Our transportation fleet and expedition boats have been adapted to match the new health and safety protocols, respecting the distance between passengers, reducing the maximum capacity of passengers per vehicle, and cleaning all surfaces daily and extensively. Hand sanitizer will be available at all times.

Fun times and peace of mind

Memorable times and peace of mind

Crowds and lines are fairly uncommon in our destination. Even so, we will schedule all our tours to avoid contact as much as possible, keep in mind each traveler’s personal space, provide thoroughly cleaned equipment, and make sure hand sanitizer is available at all times. Ensuring safety comes first, all experiences will remain memorable and enriching.

good night’s sleep ATC

A peaceful night’s sleep

There is nothing better than having a place to rest where one feels safe and taken care of. We are in constant contact with all our accommodation providers to ensure the procedures for health and safety are up to date and put in place. Most accommodations in our destination are small-scale, and this limited capacity means less contact with other people and more personalized attention to any needs.

Enjoy delicious equadorian food

Safe and delicious local food

Many people would say that one of the things that stick to their mind even after leaving a destination is the food. Whether the traveler is a daredevil who enjoys trying new dishes or someone with a preference for something more familiar, we will only include or recommend eating experiences that follow the right protocols of hygiene and physical distancing.

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ATC Before arriving

A. Predeparture

We understand the importance of our clients’ tranquility and comfort, even if the date of travel is still far away.

  • Our office staff is fully updated regarding local regulations and restrictions and ready to answer any questions.
  • We have flexible policies in place if traveling is no longer possible due to COVID-19 or lack of flight connections.
  • The details of the itinerary are planned well in advance, having safety and peace of mind as the top priority.
  • All activities are planned well in advance, having safety and peace of mind as the top priority.
  • We will keep you informed about any updates in local policies.
  • A short mandatory survey will be sent before arrival.

B. Upon arrival

Upon international arrival, our field staff will inform you of any protocols and make you feel safe and welcome!

  • Our guides have the necessary knowledge and tools to tackle any situation: they all have training as first responders, have a solid knowledge of the local areas and key locations (such as healthcare centers), and are in constant contact with our local office for the latest updates.
  • The transfer vehicle will have been deep cleaned, and there are disinfection procedures that will be applied to the travelers and their luggage before departing. There will also be hand sanitizer and disposable masks available at all times.
  • Our guides and drivers will be using face masks based on local guidelines.
  • Upon arrival, all passengers will also receive our local 24/7 support phone numbers.
  • When arriving on their own, our local staff will contact the travelers upon arrival at the hotel to welcome them and answer any questions they might have.
atc On arrival
ATC During the program

C. During the trip

What’s better than knowing the travelers had a lifetime experience? This has always been our goal, and to continue providing it, we have implemented the following safety protocols throughout the trip.

  • All surfaces of our vehicles are extensively cleaned once per day. The vehicles have their maximum capacity reduced to facilitate physical distancing and there will be daily assigned seating for groups. The use of hand sanitizer will be mandatory every time passengers board the vehicle. Depending on the current guidelines, facial coverings will be recommended.
  • Our boats undergo daily deep cleaning, with higher intensity on the more frequented areas. All our staff has been trained in biosecurity protocols, and we have also rearranged mealtimes, briefings, dinghy occupancy, and use of common areas to support physical distancing. Hand sanitizer or handwashing will be required every time when boarding and at mealtimes (before and after).
  • All our activities are planned well beforehand to avoid unnecessary contact. In the case of activities that require equipment, such as kayaking, snorkeling, biking, etc., all the equipment will have been cleaned thoroughly beforehand and disinfected between uses.


  • All restaurants have been chosen not only for their excellent cooking, but also after we have made sure they follow the highest safety, cleaning, and food preparation standards. Also, the guests will be distributed in order to minimize contact with other groups, and we will avoid buffets. Food is a key point, and we want travelers to feel relaxed and enjoy their time.
  • The places of accommodation have all been handpicked after making sure they comply with high standards of biosecurity protocols. They also host groups of reduced size, and all common areas have been reconditioned to minimize physical contact with other groups and the staff. We are always up-to-date regarding the safety measures and will monitor compliance with these measures, such as cleaning and disinfecting all surfaces inside the rooms, training of the hotel staff in good protocols, frequent cleaning and disinfection of common areas and places of frequent transit, etc.

Additionally, most of the hotels we have selected are boutique-style hotels, with no more than 15 to 20 rooms, which further guarantees fewer people around and a more private experience.

D. Before leaving

  • If any passenger feels insecure or bad at any time, we can offer aid to get medical attention or to take a test, follow up on their condition, and make sure they get all the documentation necessary for their insurance before leaving the country.
ATC Before leaving get medical attention

We strive to offer an outstanding, enriching and memorable experience. Implementing these practices and protocols will ensure that your travel will be as safe and carefree as possible! Feel free to contact us for more details.