Introducing Estrella Cruise – More Adventure for Your Money! Cruising from April 12th

We strive to offer a diverse range of options to cater to your clients’ needs while keeping a healthy inventory for you.

It is a joy to announce that cruising as of April 12th, 2024, our sister brand Oniric, will be representing The Estrella – An exciting mid-range adventure yacht designed to enhance your clients’ Galapagos experience without breaking the bank!
Fully refurbished and geared towards budget-conscious travelers, The Estrella offers an enticing opportunity for agents aiming to deliver value without compromising quality, as she stands out as an excellent entry-level choice, seamlessly combining affordability with the distinctive touch of Oniric Cruises.

The Estrella offers a unique opportunity to explore the Galapagos in a whole new light. Our adventure-packed itineraries promise exciting hikes across volcanic terrains, snorkeling adventures with vibrant marine life, and leisurely kayaking along pristine coastlines.

Join us as we redefine budget-friendly adventures and enhance your portfolio with this exciting new offer!

Contact your business developer to learn more about The Estrella and get all media collateral to add her to your offering now.

Explore our brand-new, updated assets to effortlessly refresh and enhance your offerings. New photos, new deck plans and new itineraries!


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