A Taste of Ecuadorian Culture

Otavalo is famous for having South America’s largest indigenous market. This charming Andean city is surrounded by abundant nature. This includes waterfalls, rivers, lakes and mountains. The hub is Plaza de los Ponchos, a place of history and tradition. Every day it’s full of a kaleidoscope of colours, smells and sounds. Likewise, local vendors here sell tapestries, blankets, clothing, jewellery, paintings, and more. The maze of stalls spill out from the square across town. Meanwhile, there are other parts that sell everything from live animals to fresh produce.

The outskirts of Otavalo offer a wealth of attractions. For instance, the leather industry of Cotacachi, the stunning waterfall at Peguche, and a large range of activities in the larger Imbabura region.

This town is a great way to immerge into some of Ecuador’s culture. Don’t forget to bring a souvenir back home with you!

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