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    We are an Ecuadorian DMC standing behind the LGBT+ community with several of its members on our team, who are dedicated to creating unique experiences for your clients.

    At ATC, we pay close attention to details and work constantly for tourism of equity where passengers have the freedom to show all their colours.

    Having our own fleet of expedition boats in the Galapagos and efficient web tools to make bookings easier, we are truly committed to delivering the best quality services with the greatest flexibility in the market.

    WHY US?

    We are part of the LGBT+ community.

    We are committed to promoting tolerance and equality.

    Our team knows and understands the interests and requirements of LGBT+ travellers.

    Select suppliers and special policies to guarantee the safety and tranquillity of your guests.


    Don’t limit your brilliant ideas to something basic, at ATC we are ready to assist you creating stunning trips.
    Solo Travelers, trips with your friends, couple or family, group tours, anniversary or leisure trips are a possibility here in ATC!

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    Specialized Tours

    On top of the travel styles we can arrange for your clients, our product porfolio includes our own fleet of yachts in the Galapagos Islands, and a hotel boutique in the heart of Quito’s old town:

    - First Class -

    Catamaran Treasure

    Yacht Solaris

    - Midrange Confort -

    Catamaran Archipel I

    - Adventure Yacht -

    Yacht Aqua

    -Quito Hotel Boutique-

    Casona de la Ronda


    We have attractive benefits for all.

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