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Ecuador, one of the most unique countries in the world, is located in South America. The country gets its name from the equator, the imaginary line that crosses through the country. It is also crossed by the Andes, giving it a striking number of volcanoes and many different climates and subclimates, which make it a geographically and biologically diverse country. The mainland is divided into four distinct ecosystems or regions: the Pacific coast, with kilometres of white sand beaches and warm weather; the Andean highlands (la sierra), a region with majestic Andean mountains and rich culture in every corner; the Amazon region, full of mysticism and staggering biodiversity; and the evolutionary wonder of the Galapagos Islands, which inspired Darwin’s Theory of Evolution. Like in nowhere else, you’ll find these four worlds in one country, very close to each other.

We are proud to welcome your guests to this cultural and natural paradise!

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Solo Traveler

Ecuador, as a megadiverse country, is the ideal destination for people that enjoy travelling alone. They are not the only ones! On their way through the country, your clients will not only meet their inner selves but also get the chance to share common interests with other travellers and make lasting friendships.

We offer a wide variety of cultural, gastronomic, and adventure touristic routes that can be adapted to different interests and budgets, thus creating personalized programs under strict safety standards where our staff will bring constant support to any requirements.

Our itineraries include shiny beaches, colonial cities, impressive routes next to volcanoes, stays in remote jungles, and more. We also offer island hopping and expedition boats in the Galapagos: perfect tourist attractions to escape routine and connect with nature.

“Traveling on your own, but never alone with us”

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Group Departures

Do your clients wish for an exclusive trip with their friends or family? With us, it is possible. Our group programs include our own fleet of mid-range and first-class boats with defined departure dates, flexible conditions, and tailor-made tours with stays in places such as remote Andean haciendas or Amazon lodges. We are proud to host and take care of travellers and to create special experiences, while also guaranteeing the safety, privacy, and comfort of your clients.

“Traveling proud”

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Specialized Tours

We work tirelessly to find the perfect combination of moments and sensations and materialize them through unique trips. Each adventure allows travelers to escape routine and behave spontaneously while touring four amazing geographic regions in one small country.

Our programs include diverse activities such as snorkelling, biking, kayaking, diving, diving, horseback riding, mountaineering, rock climbing, and more.

Some highlights of our specialized tours are:

  • Climbing to 4000 m on the slopes of an inactive volcano.
  • Conquering the summit of the majestic Cotopaxi Volcano, after passing through glaciers and rocks.
  • Exploring the marine life of the Galapagos Islands on our 8D/7N diving liveaboard.

“Show off your colours”

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