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Imagine spending the night in front of the sea, where blue-footed boobies, sea lions, and other animal citizens of Galapagos are seen. Also known as the Enchanted Islands, it is a perfect place for all kinds of adventure-seekers who love wildlife and water.

A typical day involves hiking on different islands to learn more about the volcanic and geologic history and cooling off on the pristine white sand beaches in the afternoon. Strap on your snorkelling gear, swim with inquisitive sea lions, and take underwater photographs of unusual fishes darting between colourful coral!

An expedition boat through the Galapagos Archipelago is a unique experience that you won’t easily forget. Charles Darwin’s theories of evolution and of the survival of the fittest came to being right here on these islands.  

The archipelago is located more than 965 km/600 mi off the coast of Ecuador, just below the equator. Nature on these remote islands and in their surrounding waters is so strange, diverse and abundant, that the Galapagos is often praised as one of the most impressive and magical eco-destinations in the world.

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PACIFIC COAST experiences pacific coast glbt

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Enjoy the most astonishing contrast of sceneries while touring the quiet beaches of the Pacific coast and the largest city in Ecuador. Guayaquil is a vibrant place and the country’s main port and economic powerhouse, as well as a gateway to beaches and the Galapagos Islands.

The port handles major national exports such as bananas, shrimp, cacao and coffee, and in the city you can find stairs lined with galleries and cafes that lead up Santa Ana Hill, where you can find Santa Ana chapel, a lighthouse and panoramic views of the city.

ANDEAN REGION experiences andes glbt

Hike one of the most fertile valleys of Ecuador, discover colourful and varied farmlands and explore colourful traditional markets! Travellers can admire eye-catching patchworks of crops typical to the Andean highlands, such as an incredible variety of potatoes, quinoa, and diversity of corn.  It’s easy to see why this friendly and beautiful region is so fascinating.

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AMAZON REGION experiences amazon region glbt

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Have you ever dreamed of being a jungle explorer? Discover the small tributaries and the mysteries of the flooded forest in the famed Amazon region. Our programs are ideal to disconnect and find oneself, learn about ancestral traditions, watch exotic species like monkeys, caymans, boas, and bats in their natural environment, and enjoy the comfort of lodges located in special locations of the Ecuadorian Amazon jungle.