Culinary Adventures in Quito: Discover the Art of Ecuadorian Cooking with Altamira

May 27, 2024
Andean Region, Tourism

Experience the culinary enchantment of Quito with the Altamira Cooking Experience. Located in the heart of Ecuador’s capital, Altamira offers an immersive journey into the rich flavours and traditions of Ecuadorian cuisine. Under the expert guidance of seasoned chefs, participants learn to craft authentic dishes using fresh, locally-sourced ingredients, while uncovering the unique stories and techniques behind each recipe.

Cooking Deluxe

Immerse yourself in a luxury cooking experience where participants don aprons branded with your agency’s logo. Enjoy a comprehensive course that includes a tasting menu, unlimited beverages, and an optional tour of a local market, making it a perfect blend of culinary learning and leisure.

Traditional Cooking Class & Foodies Taste Tour:

This offering combines a cooking class with a culinary tour, allowing participants to delve into Ecuador’s gastronomic culture. It’s an interactive experience that includes preparing and enjoying a three-course meal, complemented by a guided market visit.

Cocktail Class:

Explore Ecuador’s spirited side with classes focused on local rum, wine, and craft beers. Participants can shake up their evening with a series of expertly guided cocktail preparations, paired with small bites that enhance the flavourful experience.

Customized Culinary Events:

Altamira also offers tailored culinary events that can be integrated into your travel packages. These events are designed to fit into various schedules, providing flexible and engaging culinary experiences for any group size.

Each session at Altamira not only promises exceptional gastronomic delights but also serves as a gateway to understanding Ecuadorian culture through its cuisine. Perfect for incorporating into travel itineraries, these cooking experiences guarantee an enriching addition to any Ecuadorian adventure, sure to captivate the tastes and imaginations of all who partake.

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