Our specialized team offers a range of thrilling experiences, from stunning views of the Andes to breathtaking escapades in our coastlines. Get your travellers adrenaline pumping with exhilarating activities and later relaxing at luxurious accommodations with gourmet meals and fine wines. Let us create a customized itinerary for them, tailored to their interests and preferences. This is not just a trip, but a truly unique and unforgettable experience. Contact us today to start planning your clients ultimate Ecuadorian escapade.

Hot air balloon ride in San Pablo Lake.

Your guests will be whisked away on a thrilling adventure, treated to breathtaking views of the lake and its surrounding area on a picturesque flight. As the activity commences at sunrise, they will take off from the tranquil shores of Lake San Pablo, where they will be awestruck by the imposing Andean landscapes that stretch out before them. From their vantage point, they will enjoy a panoramic view of Taita Imbabura and La Mama Cotacachi. The flight, which lasts from 20-30 minutes, will take them to an elevation of 80-100 metres, allowing them to fully appreciate the stunning Andean Sierra of the Imbabura Province.

With a perfect balance of excitement, romance, and relaxation, this experience is an ideal choice for couples looking to create lasting memories.



The Galapagos Islands are the perfect destination for a high-end getaway. Our experienced team offers a range of luxury options to explore the unique and fascinating wildlife of the islands, including cruises, private yacht charters, five-star accommodations, and personalized itineraries. Let your clients enjoy gourmet cuisine while cruising through crystal-clear waters, or relax in a luxury eco-lodge surrounded by breathtaking scenery. They could swim with sea lions and giant tortoises, or go scuba diving to discover the wonders of the underwater world. Let us create a customized itinerary for them, tailored to their preferences and interests, and experience the ultimate luxury travel in the Galapagos.

Luxury Yacht Expedition in Galapagos Islands.

Our newest luxury cruise pays tribute to the awe-inspiring beauty of the Galapagos Islands. 

Indulge in a realm of exclusivity aboard our Tribute Cruise. With opulent cabin accomodations, personalized service, and lavish amenities, this high-end voyage promises an unparalleled luxury escape through the captivating Galapagos Islands.

Embark on exhilarating high-end adventures. From snorkeling in crystal-clear waters to thrilling kayaking experiences, our Tribute Cruise offers exclusive escapades that immerse you in the Galapagos’ natural wonders like never before.

Savour an exquisite gastronomic journey of the Galapos. Crafted by expert chefs, our luxury cuisine blends locally sourced ingredients, global influences, and fine dining techniques to elevate your dining experience to unprecedented levels of indulgence.

Enjoy a wildlife odyssey like never before. Led by expert naturalists, explore the Galapagos’ pristine ecosystems, witnessing iconic species up close, from majestic giant tortoises to playful sea lions, creating unforgettable encounters in ultimate luxury.

“Set sail on a voyage of discovery, where the enchanting Galapagos meets the utmost comfort and style, creating a truly memorable experience.”


Cultural Immersion

Ecuador is the perfect destination for those seeking an authentic encounter with a rich and diverse culture. ATC’s expert team offers a range of luxury options to explore the country’s vibrant traditions, art and fascinating history. Your visitors will stay in five-star accommodations while discovering the ancient ruins or visiting indigenous communities to learn about their traditional way of life. They will enrich their stay by exploring museums, engaging in personalized painting classes, or fully immersing themselves in the homes of renowned artists.They will experience the ultimate luxury travel cultural immersion in Ecuador.

Tasting To’ak Chocolate at Guayasamin Museum.

Your visitors will Indulge in a unique journey through Ecuador’s rich cultural and culinary heritage with the Chocolate and Art Experience. Discover the works of Ecuador’s most famous artist, Oswaldo Guayasamín, while sampling the exquisite world of Ecuadorian-made chocolate from To’ak.

They will explore Guayasamín’s house and chapel, uncover the secrets of To’ak’s chocolate-making process, and sample some of their finest creations. This unparalleled experience is a partnership between To’ak and Fundación Guayasamín, two organizations with strong ties to Ecuador.

This is a must-do activity for chocolate lovers and art enthusiasts alike. Tasting To’ak chocolate at Guayasamin Museum is a truly unforgettable experience.


Culinary Indulgence

Ecuador is a culinary paradise, and foodies can indulge in its diverse flavors and textures while enjoying the country’s breathtaking landscapes. Travellers seeking the ultimate culinary experience can book private course meals in luxury restaurants throughout the country. Ecuadorian cuisine is a unique blend of traditional indigenous dishes and European influences, resulting in a flavorful and diverse gastronomy. In addition to the delectable cuisine, Ecuador also boasts excellent wine and coffee, making it the perfect destination for those who enjoy indulging in culinary delights while surrounded by stunning natural beauty.

Deluxe Cooking Classes.

We believe that food is an integral part of any travel experience. The restaurants your guests will visit promote sustainable gastronomy that supports biodiversity and the preservation of local culture and producers. Their deluxe cooking classes allow visitors to learn how to cook delicious and nutritious meals while appreciating the origin of the ingredients.

Each class offered is unique, providing an opportunity for visitors to explore the world of sustainable gastronomy. The intimate setting allows students to learn from skilled chefs and staff while discovering the rich and diverse flavors of Ecuador.

These classes will leave participants with a newfound appreciation for local ingredients, traditional dishes, and the culture of Ecuador. Visitors can join Claro Oscuro Restaurant for an unforgettable culinary experience that celebrates the best of sustainable gastronomy.


Our mission is to provide exceptional guidance and inspiration to create a tailor-made experience that fulfills the precise needs of your guests. We believe that every traveller is on a quest for the perfect experience, and it is our goal to help them achieve it.