Exploring Quito’s New Metro: A Gateway to Culinary and Cultural Adventure

May 13, 2024
Culture, Tourism

Quito´s Metro

We are pleased to inform our partners about the launch of Quito’s new metro system, a significant development that enhances the accessibility and safety of urban travel for tourists. This modern transportation solution is a game-changer for visitors exploring our historic capital, especially within the Old Town area.

Leveraging this new metro, we recommend two delightful experiences for tourists after they disembark in Quito’s Old Town:


Sinners Pub:

This venue has recently launched an exceptional brewery and dining experience that captivates with its unique blend of international-quality, irreverent craft beers made with passionate expertise. For years, the founders of Sinner Pub have admired the beautiful historical center of Quito and dreamed of becoming a part of one of the city’s most spectacular settings.

Now, that dream has come to fruition. Sinner Pub proudly opens its doors in the Historic Center, inviting guests to relish exceptional beers in an ambiance designed to complement the exquisite architectural heritage of Quito. This establishment is not just about excellent food and beer; it’s a testament to the revival of tourism in what is arguably the world’s most beautiful historic city center.

Located near the iconic San Francisco church, Sinner Pub offers a relaxed atmosphere perfect for enjoying high-quality brews and meals. It’s an ideal stop for tourists who appreciate the finer things in life. Cheers to sinners everywhere! 🍻


Minka Gourmet Chocolates:

Strategically located above Sinners Brewery in the historic center. Renowned for crafting some of the richest and most delectable fine chocolates, Minka offers a sophisticated blend of tradition and quality that’s rooted deeply in Ecuadorian heritage.

Minka exemplifies the pursuit of crafting exceptional chocolate with a commitment to community and sustainability. This proud Ecuadorian enterprise champions the traditional methods of their cacao-farming ancestors, ensuring every step from cultivation to cacao bean selection is perfected to create award-winning chocolates.

Offer your clients a variety of immersive chocolate experiences at Minka. They can engage in an ed ucational journey exploring the virtues of premium Ecuadorian cacao, participate in interactive workshops such as chocolate and wine pairing, crafting the ultimate hot chocolate, making their own chocolate bars, or simply indulging in the finest selections Minka has to offer.

These enhancements not only improve the tourist experience but also offer convenient and efficient travel options that can be included in your tailored travel packages.

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