This unique excursion is a chance to see something different and learn about important customs. You’ll visit a traditional hacienda and learn about it’s fascinating history.

The morning will be spent walking through a teak wood forest to learn about the palms used for making Panama hats, as well as discovering the chocolate-making process at a cocoa workshop. Take in the natural landscapes as you tube gently down the river, then sample more delicious products which are produced at the hacienda. In the afternoon you can milk the cows and find out about the dairy industry, before visiting a banana plantation and learning about the importance of the trade, as Ecuador is the world’s largest exporter of this fruit.

Cloudy but no rain
The temperature ranges from 21ºC (70º F) at night, to 30ºC (86ºF) at noon.

Other Notes:
Enjoy this relaxing day

I want to offer this:


  • Visit a history-filled hacienda and learn about its important customs and trades
  • Discover how the famous Panama hats are made on a walk through a teak wood forest
  • Make your own chocolate in a cocoa workshop
  • Visit a banana plantation, one of Ecuador’s most important export product



  • Departure from Hotel Hilton in Guayaquil
  • Arrival hacienda La Danesa: Welcome and short explanation of the hacienda's history and property.
  • 10 minute walk through Teak wood forest with explanation about the teak tree as well as the 'paja toquilla' palm, which leaves are used for making the famous 'Panama' hats.
  • Cocoa workshop. See the process from bean to bar and make your own chocolate!
  • Tubing gently down the nearby river, observing the rural landscape and a good moment to relax.


  • Return to the hacienda.
  • Explanation and tasting of locally produced products at the hacienda, such as 'Dulce de Leche', a caramel type of product made with fresh milk, chilly mermelade and wild honey.
  • Lunch at the hacienda
  • Experience the cattle and dairy produce at the hacienda. Optionally you can milk your own cow!
  • Visit to a nearby banana plantation, which is one of Ecuador's main export products
  • Travel back to Guayaquil
  • Arrival at Guayaquil Port