Small, but Incredible

January 31, 2019
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Ecuador is a small country in South America. Despite its size, it withholds countless treasures: the incredible views of the Andean highlands, the picturesque colonial towns, the beautiful coast with spectacular beaches, the incredibly biodiverse Amazon, and of course, the fragile-but-unique Galapagos Islands. Wherever you go, the wildlife, nature and culture is sure to impress you.

Some fun facts about Ecuador! 

🇪🇨 Ecuador’s highest mountain, Mount Chimborazo, is the point on Earth closest to the sun. This means that its summit is the farthest point from the Earth’s core, making Ecuador the closest country to space.

🇪🇨 It’s a megadiverse country, having more biodiversity per square unit than any other nation.

🇪🇨 Ecuador is the country that exports the most banana in the world!

🇪🇨 Ecuador is the first country to determine that nature has constitutional rights, recognizing its “right to exist, persist, maintain and regenerate its vital cycles”.