exotic experiences to enjoy in Ecuador on Valentine’s Day

6 exotic experiences to enjoy in Ecuador on Valentine’s Day

Are you looking to help your guests make this Valentine’s Day one to remember? Look no further than Ecuador – the land of unique experiences and unforgettable adventure. From hot air balloon rides to rafting and snorkeling Galapagos tours, you can make this thrilling trip happen in Ecuador. Plus, we have some amazing cultural experiences like a wine and painting class and some culinary experiences. 

Make this year’s Valentine’s Day even more memorable by offering your travellers the perfect Ecuadorian getaway.

1.Hot air balloon ride in San Pablo Lake

Are you looking to offer your guests something special and unique? Then look no further than the hot air balloon ride over San Pablo Lake!

This scenic flight will take your travellers on an exciting adventure, offering stunning views of the lake and its surrounding area. With the perfect combination of adventure, romance, and relaxation, this is the ideal experience for couples who want to make their Valentine’s Day something unforgettable.

The activity starts at 5 am, with the assembly of the aircraft, at 6 am along with the sunrise, your travellers will take off from the shores of Lake San Pablo, where they will admire the imposing Andean landscapes that are drawn to the foot of the lake, and will also have a panoramic view of Taita Imbabura and La Mama Cotacachi.

Hot air balloon ride in San Pablo Lake Ecuador

The experience lasts from 20-30 minutes where they will achieve an elevation of 80-100 metres, so they can admire the Andean Sierra of the Imbabura Province.

This ride will provide your guests with a spectacular sunrise flight. The serene beauty of the lake’s waters and the surrounding countryside will leave them in awe. They will be able to look down at the beautiful wildlife that inhabits the lake and the majestic mountains that frame it.

For those who are looking for a more romantic experience, the hot air balloon ride will be the perfect opportunity to propose. The breathtaking views of the lake and its surroundings will provide the perfect backdrop for a special moment. And once they are finished, the team will be on hand to help them celebrate!

The hot air balloon ride over San Pablo Lake is not just a great way to experience a unique adventure, but also a great way to show your clients a different side of the Imbabura. With so much to explore and discover, they’ll be sure to have an unforgettable time.

2. Romantic 5 course dinner at Muyu in Galapagos

Muyu is the perfect venue to spend an unforgettable Valentine’s Day. They specialize in Farm, Field and Sea cuisine, featuring dishes made with local and seasonal ingredients. Your guests will enjoy five creative surprise dishes that reflect the best of the Galapagos Islands and its products.

The food at Muyu is prepared with special care, bringing out the flavor and freshness of the ingredients. Their chefs are dedicated to providing your travellers with a unique and delicious meal that they will never forget. As a bonus, they also take special attention to the conservation of the local wildlife, using only sustainable fishing methods and avoiding any protected species.

Their menu is constantly updated to reflect the local produce at its best moment of the season, so your guests Valentine’s Day dinner will be the perfect combination of flavor and freshness. And the best part? The restaurants dining experience is 100% organic, so your guests can enjoy their meal without worrying about its impact on the environment.

Send your guests to Muyu Restaurant in Galapagos and let them enjoy the best of the island with their special someone.

3. Rafting Jatunyacu River – Full Day

Valentine’s Day can be the perfect opportunity for adventurers to enjoy an extraordinary experience and get closer to nature. All of your guests will have an amazing time at the JatunYacu River. 

The JatunYacu River, which means “Big Water” in Kichwa, is the perfect destination for a unique Valentine’s Day experience. Whether your guests are seasoned rafting fans, or this is their first-ever foray into the wild waters, they’ll have plenty of thrill and excitement to last them through the day. They should be prepared for huge waves of fun!

The day-long rafting adventure starts off with a 50-minute road trip to Cando, the Kichwa Community located in the Llanganates National Park. This destination is

Rafting Jatunyacu River – Full Day Ecuador

not just known for its vast biodiversity and breathtaking scenery, but also for one of the most mysterious and legendary stories in the country. According to local legends, Rumiñahui, a general during the Inca Civil War hid Atahualpa’s hidden treasure, in this region. 

The adventure begins! The natural beauty that will surround your guests and the adrenaline of this big water river will transform this trip in an unforgettable experience. 

Halfway through the journey, they will take a stop in the Kichwa community of Shandia. Here they can take some time to relax in the beautiful river beach, and play some fun games together. Your guests will also be able to check out and buy some local handicrafts, including organic chocolate. They will be served a delicious lunch for them to refuel for the second half of the trip. After this break, they will continue their journey downstream for approximately two more hours. The fun definitely doesn’t stop there!

We guarantee that your guests will love the experience, because it’s not only an amazing and overpowering journey but also the ideal opportunity to escape the hustle and bustle of the city. 

What’s not to love about this Valentine’s Day outing!

4. Paint and Wine at Mon Atelier

This Valentine’s Day, why not let your guests experience a one-of-a-kind wine and art experience with Mon Atelier? Their experienced artists will guide your guests step-by-step in creating their own masterpiece. In no time, they will have their own special painting to hang on their wall!

Your guests will begin their experience with an introduction to a selection of wines and canvas. Their sommelier will assist them in choosing the perfect wine to accompany their painting. Mon Atelier offers a variety of canvas of different sizes and shapes for their creative pleasure.

Let your guests get creative this Valentine’s Day with Mon Atelier. Their instructors are professional, supportive and friendly and will help each guest create their own

showpiece. With their assistance, no matter what the painting style–from abstract and modern to traditional or landscape–we guarantee your guests will leave with a beautiful work of art that they can proudly hang to commemorate their experience. 

Whether your guests are looking to create a romantic evening out with their significant other or looking to bond with friends, you can be sure that Mon Atelier will provide them an unforgettable experience.

5. Creating a Memory of a Lifetime: Snorkeling and Kayaking in Tortuga Bay

Your guests will spend an unforgettable Valentine’s Day exploring the stunning Galapagos Islands on a snorkeling and kayaking adventure! Tortuga Bay is a beautiful beach on Santa Cruz Island, where they can snorkel among colorful fish and explore the crystal-clear waters of the Pacific Ocean. And if they want to take it to the next level, they can rent a kayak and paddle their way through the bay’s mangrove estuaries and take in the breathtaking views.

It´s the best way to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the day-to-day and enjoy a day in the sun. Your guests can float in the warm water and watch the fish swim around them. There’s no better way to spend a Valentine’s Day than exploring the untouched beauty of the Galapagos Islands.

Snorkeling and Kayaking in Tortuga Bay Ecuador Galapagos DMC

They will start the day off with a kayaking trip. Your travellers can relax and enjoy the view, or get adventurous and go for a swim. Either way, they are sure to make some incredible memories.

For a more relaxing experience, snorkeling is a great option. They can explore the colorful coral reefs and observe the many species of fish that call Tortuga Bay home. With the right equipment, they can even take a dive and get up close and personal with the aquatic life.

At the end of the day, they can enjoy a romantic picnic on the beach and watch the sunset over the horizon. What better way to end an exciting day than spending some quality time together, surrounded by the stunning beauty of the Galápagos Islands.

6. Rooftop dinner at Zaza 360 in Cuenca City

Enjoy your Valentine´s day in this Rooftop located in the heart of Cuenca, Ecuador! Their new menu is sure to delight your guests senses and make them feel special. Whether they’re visiting for a romantic Valentine’s dinner or just a casual evening out with friends, they can cater to your guests needs. 

Their friendly atmosphere and excellent service will make your travellers feel right at home. The menu includes a variety of herbal cocktails, made with fresh flowers and herbs from their garden. The dishes are prepared with local ingredients and are sure to tantalize your guests taste buds. They also offer a wide selection of wines and spirits, along with craft beers and ciders. 

The view from the rooftop is simply breathtaking. The restaurants location offers a

360° view of the city, and your guests won’t be able to resist the beauty of the surrounding mountains. Imagine them sitting outside on the deck as the sun sets, or enjoying a meal in the cozy dining room. No matter what time of day, Zaza will provide your guests with an unforgettable experience.

For travel agencies looking for a unique experience for their guests to cherish this Valentine’s Day, Ecuador is the perfect destination. Make this day even more special for your guests by offering them the perfect Ecuadorian getaway.

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