A place where your travellers can (safely) disconnect

One of the main reasons why people travel is to take a break from their daily routine. Most of them thirst for a place surrounded by nature, where they can encounter different cultures, and reconnect with themselves; and we have witnessed how this necessity has intensified in the last few months as we are all restrained to our routines. Countless avid travellers have dreamed of going to a place where they can drain all tiredness and let go of their worries, while at the same time being able to enjoy new and life-changing experiences.


The Galapagos Islands has always been the ideal place for everybody that needs to have their spirits lifted, and the transformation we see in all of your clients fills us with optimism and motivates us to keep providing an outstanding service. The unique ecosystem of the islands holds immense beauty. Lush green highlands, volcanic landscapes, white sand beaches, and a magical underwater world. Not to mention the endemic animal species that can be seen from up close such as the Galapagos giant tortoises, blue-footed boobies or playful Galapagos Penguins!

A great reason to start travelling right now is to avoid crowds and get an authentic feel of the local culture as well as a more personal experience due to smaller groups. Why not combine a 4-day cruise to the Galapagos with a trip to the Amazon and stay in a beautiful, secluded lodge deep in the jungle, surrounded by fresh air and an abundance of nature? Or walk over the equatorial line at the Middle of the World, high in the Andes, and explore the historical centre of Quito before starting your Galapagos adventure?

We have witnessed firsthand, since last August, how this life-changing place has had a major positive effect on travellers. It brings great satisfaction to see how they leave the country feeling renewed and with a more sunny attitude, and we would be honoured to keep being co-architects in making this dream come true. These past months have not been easy on any of us, and emotions have played a larger role than ever. Every time we see that a weary passenger comes in need of an escape, uncertain if this is “the place”, and then leaves feeling rejuvenated, we feel that we are working in the right industry.

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