Top 10 Motivators to Visit Ecuador

Top 10 Motivators to Visit Ecuador

During these odd times where the tourism industry has slowed down immensely, ATC would like to remind you why Ecuador needs to be on top of your clients’ bucket list when they are ready to travel again. A holiday in this fascinating country will certainly become a lifelong memory filled with happiness, relaxation, and unique activities. We have combined a top 10 with motivators for you to inspire your clients once this long interval without travel is over.

5 Reasons to offer Ecuador for your clients next holiday

1. An Abundance of Diversification 

For starters, the sheer diversity of wildlife, landscapes, climates, and cultural traditions will satisfy even the most avid of travellers. From the thrill seeker to the food lover, Ecuador is for everyone! 

2. Uncrowded Landscapes

The spacious and gorgeous natural landscapes that this country has to offer are unique for Ecuador’s´ relatively small size. Whether the travellers choose to go exotic bird watching in the cloud forest or swimming with sea lions in the Galapagos, they will surely feel comfortable and not bump into other groups.

3. Boutique Hotels

The majority of hotels and restaurants tend to be small, and many are in secluded places, giving travellers a more personalized experience and a pleasant feeling of safety.

4. Small Groups 

We at ATC always make reservations and buy tickets in advance whenever possible, avoiding lines and waiting times. Since Ecuador tends to receive small groups in general as well, visits to museums and popular destinations will be a worry-free and enriching experience.

5. Short Transit Times

One of the perks of travelling to Ecuador is the small size of the country. It means travellers can go from one activity of their program to the next quickly, allowing for a more comfortable and complete experience.

5 Experiences to leave the confinement feeling behind

1. Experience the Galapagos Islands

This Archipelago consisting of 19 islands holds a most exceptional ecosystem with endemic plants and animal species such as the Galápagos tortoise, the lava cactus, the marine iguana, and the Galapagos penguin, which is the only penguin species in the world to live on the Northern Hemisphere! Your clients are bound to see more amazing underwater wildlife at one of the many snorkelling and diving spots around the islands. Swimming with sea turtles, bottlenose dolphins, eagle rays, colourful tropical fish, and many more species, is a daily reality on the Galapagos. Above the waters, many spectacular, volcanic rock formations provide a spectacular view whilst hiking through the rapidly changing landscapes such as the open cactus forest, and the treeless upland zone which is covered in grasses. 

2. Live an adventure 

Your clients can discover the magic of the Amazon Rainforest by discovering over 580 species of birds and over 100 species of mammals, including cute squirrel monkeys, pink river dolphins, caymans, and toucans, all from the comfort of their canoe. If they prefer an activity with a bit more speed,  mountain biking down one of the highest active volcanoes in the world, Cotopaxi, will surely meet their expectations. With its perfect conical shape and snowy top, it is sure to leave a lasting impression. Speaking of activities with a bit more speed, whitewater rafting on Rio Pastaza and ziplining over a canopy of trees are just two of the many exciting activities that can be done in THE adventure city of Ecuador; Baños. With just a 3 hour drive from the capital city of Quito, this amazing place should not be skipped. 


3. Authentic Culture

Ecuador’s culture is as colourful and vibrant as the traditional textiles woven by the indigenous Otavaleños who live in the Imbabura region in the Andes mountains. Apart from selling these textiles on the popular Otavalo market (amongst others), this group of people still wear their traditional clothing made up out of wide-brimmed hats, blue ponchos, and beautifully embellished woollen skirts for the women. Otavaleños are not the only indigenous group in Ecuador. The Huaorani, Kichwa, Shuar, and the uncontacted Taromenane Tribe, are a few examples of indigenous groups who live in the Amazon Jungle. Your clients can visit some of these communities and learn about their culture hands-on by trying a local drink called Chicha or shooting their shot with a traditional blowgun used for hunting. 

4. Delicious Traditional Food 

As Ecuador is such a diverse country, it is no surprise that the food culture changes as you travel from the Andes down to the coast. Delicious stews or soups filled with potatoes, grains, and some form of meat are more traditional for the Andes region as the climate is a bit colder and people tend to eat a more filling meal. On the coast, however, Ecuadorians prefer to eat fresh seafood in combination with plantain for most meals due to the warm temperatures. Dishes like ceviche (seafood dish cooked with lime), patacones (fried plantain slices), and encebollado (fish soup), are traditional for this region. The last one being a common cure after a night out partying. The more adventurous eater must try roasted cuy, known in the western world as a guinea pig. In Inca times, this dish used to be eaten by nobles or the animal was used for fortune-telling.

5. Enchanted Cloud Forest 

Located at a mere 2-hour drive away from the capital city of Quito, the sub-tropical Cloud Forest of Mindo is a true bird watching paradise! With over 500 different species of birds, but also numerous beautiful butterflies and colourful orchids, this place becomes a must-visit for any nature lover. There are many hiking trails throughout the reserve which will take your clients across varying terrain, to one or more of the seven impressive waterfalls that can be found in the cloud forest. Taking a refreshing dip in the natural pools that form at the bottom is a great way to cool down after an intense hike. 

Apart from hiking and bird watching, Mindo is also known for its chocolate factory of El Quetzal which shows the entire process from bean to bar of Ecuador´s finest chocolate which your clients can of course taste at the factory. A visit to Mariposario de Mindo, where over a few dozen colourful butterflies can be spotted, is another experience that can´t be missed. To end the trip to the cloud forest on a high note, why not go tube rafting on Mindo´s rivers, or your clients can take the tarabita (zip line basket) to cross the river valley and enjoy some stunning scenery.

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