We won at the World Travel Awards 2021

Andean Travel Company has been recognized at the global stage with TWO World Travel Awards: South America’s Leading Destination Management Company & Ecuador's Leading Destination Management Company. Thanks to our clients, colleagues, and partners’ generous support, we outperformed 9 contenders from Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Peru, and Brazil, and 5 local colleagues, taking the Gold in [...]

Using money in Ecuador: A guide

Ecuador is the only country in South America to use the U.S. Dollar as its currency, making it an attractive destination for travel and business. This, added to its safety, the warmth of its people, excellence of its services, and exceptional diversity make it a very attractive destination. This guide has been designed to be [...]
World Travel Awards 2021 Ecuador

Your support will make a difference!

We're happy to announce that we were nominated for two important World Travel Awards this year, and we need your support to obtain this recognition! We want to thank all our partners for trusting us though this hard time we are all living, and reassure you that we will keep updating and improving to serve [...]

What tour agencies are doing to survive

The pandemic that started approximately at the beginning of 2020 has had a great negative impact on many sectors but especially the travel industry. With many land borders and airports closing, sales plummeted and tourism companies had to find creative ways to adapt and survive. We would like to list some of those approaches as [...]