New Visiting Sites?

February 26, 2019

The Galapagos Islands attract merely 300,000 visitors each year. These visiting sites are unique and allow you to discover the evolution of the beautiful wildlife inhabiting the archipelago. Could there possibly be more potential visiting areas?

Galapagos National Park rangers are analyzing new potential visitor sites!

With the support of local tour operators, Galapagos rangers have recently travelled to the northwestern coast of Santa Cruz Island. Their objective: register possible sites that could be included in the network of public ecotourism.

Technicians of Public Use and Marine Ecosystems monitored the species of flora and fauna present, as well as the interpretative advantages of each place. Teachers of the San Francisco University in Quito also attributed to the process. 

Although there are many interesting visitor sites in the islands, it’s important to understand why there aren’t more. The Galapagos Islands are certainly one of the most special places in the world. From wildlife to the surrounding nature, everything that makes them up is incredibly unique.

Investigators have to make sure that the possible visitor sites will not be seen as a threat to any of the animals in the area. This is why this is a long and fragile process. It’s very easy to harm their habitat, so Galapagos specialists have to be extra careful!

Galapagos National Park rangers are extremely cautious and protective of the wildlife in the islands. We should be too!