Something Exciting Is Happening!

Marine Iguanas are an exciting find while visiting the Galapagos Islands. Their unique characteristics are impossible to find in any other animal! And guess what, they are preparing to bring more of their species into the world!

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It’s nesting season for a very special species on the islands…Marine Iguanas!

These very special creatures are preparing themselves for new additions to their family. It’s extremely important that visitors respect the nesting areas. Otherwise, this could alter the natural biological process. This means that these unique animals would not be able to breed correctly, causing a the birth rate to decline.

It’s necessary to mention where this is taking place: Av. Charles Darwin in Santa Cruz Island has two sectors blocked, one in San Francisco Park and the other located near where Banco del Pacífico used to be.

The marine iguana is the only lizard in the world that can live and forage at sea and is endemic to the Galapagos Archipelago. Marine iguanas are not a very agile on land, but are excellent swimmers. They can easily move through the water to get to the rocks covered with their favourite food: algae.

Because they consume a high concentration of salt in their diet, marine iguanas filter their blood at the nose and sneeze out the excess salt. This is without a doubt an amusing and unique sight for visitors.