ATC News February


In our ongoing commitment to sustainability and as part of our continuous efforts to operate as a conscious brand, we are excited to announce the recent upgrade to our office, now featuring a solar panel system! This initiative underscores our dedication to a sustainable future, starting with our very own operational base.

The project incorporates an advanced energy storage system, with a key feature being its bidirectional synchronisation capability with the public electricity grid.

With this enhanced system, we’re proud to announce that 60% of our energy is now autonomously generated through our solar panels!

The system is designed to store excess energy generated during peak solar production times, ensuring a continuous supply during periods of low solar radiation.

Through these efforts, we continue to lead by example in the travel industry, demonstrating that operational excellence and environmental stewardship can go hand in hand.



51 years ago, Galapagos reached an historic milestone with the provincialization of the archipelago.

This month, marked another year of breathtaking beauty, unparalleled biodiversity, and unforgettable experiences. As we celebrate this special milestone, let’s reflect on the importance of conservation and preservation efforts that have made Galapagos a global treasure.

Here’s to many more years of exploration, wonder, and appreciation for this remarkable destination!


This 21st of Febreary, we honoured the incredible individuals who serve as the bridge between cultures, the storytellers of our rich heritage, and the green guardians of our breathtaking Andean landscapes.

Tourist guides are the heart of our journeys, enlightening us with their knowledge and passion. They do not just show us the way; they enhance our

understanding of the natural wonders and intricate histories that weave through the cities and sites we explore.

In line with this year’s theme, we are reaffirming our commitment to Green Tourism. Our guides lead with sustainability in mind, ensuring that the beauty of Ecuador is preserved for generations to come.


In this month’s spotlight, we’re thrilled to feature our sister brand Oniric´s Solaris Yacht, tailored for the discerning solo traveller looking to explore the enchanting Galapagos Islands.

Understanding the unique needs of solo adventurers, Solaris stands out by offering up to 5 single cabins without any surcharge, making it an unbeatably friendly choice for those journeying on their own.

Built in 2020 and freshly renovated in 2023, the Solaris boasts first-class cruising facilities designed to ensure a comfortable and memorable voyage. With spacious and modern indoor and outdoor areas, guests can relax in style. With a total of eleven ocean-view cabins (6 twin/double + 5 single), each a sanctuary of comfort and space, designed ensuring privacy, comfort, and a personal encounter with the mesmerizing beauty of the Galapagos.

Choosing the Solaris for your travellers’ adventure means not just a journey across the islands, but an experience that caters specifically to solo travellers, combining comfort, and the thrill of discovery without the worry of additional charges for enjoying the privacy of their own cabin.

Find out more about the Solaris by checking our unbranded website (a great comprenhensive tool by the way!), or simply checking Oniric’s live availability site.

If you don’t offer the Solaris yet, don’t miss out and get in touch with your business developer now!

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