Powered by the Sun!

March 1, 2024
Technology, Tourism

In our ongoing commitment to sustainability and as a part of our continuous efforts to operate as a conscious brand, we are excited to announce the recent upgrade to our office’s solar panel system. This initiative underscores our dedication to a sustainable future, starting with our very own operational base.

The project incorporates an advanced energy storage system through the use of cutting-edge lithium batteries. These batteries are designed to store excess energy generated during peak solar production times, ensuring a continuous supply during periods of low solar radiation. A key feature of this upgrade is its bidirectional synchronisation capability with the public electricity grid. This allows our system not only to supply excess energy back to the grid during times of low demand but also to operate independently, providing uninterrupted electricity in the event of power outages. Thus, Andean Travel now benefits from a dual energy source: the traditional electric grid and our own photovoltaic solar energy.

With this enhanced system, we’re proud to announce that 60% of our energy is now autonomously generated through our solar panels. The remainder of our energy needs are met by drawing from our lithium batteries and the public electricity grid, allowing for a seamless and sustainable energy solution. This strategic approach not only bolsters our sustainability efforts but also significantly reduces our carbon footprint. In fact, with the savings in CO2 emissions achieved through this initiative, it’s equivalent to having planted 179 trees on an annual basis, considering that energy generation continues.

As we progress, we remain committed to making constant internal improvements to live and work sustainably, staying true to our core values. Through these efforts, we continue to lead by example in the travel industry, demonstrating that operational excellence and environmental stewardship can go hand in hand.


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